Meet “AIRIS”

“AIRIS” stands for, Artificial Intelligence Responsive and Interactive System, developed by CGH’s Technology arm “ARD”. AIRIS, is a fully interactive and  responsive financial analysis tool whihc operates in real time, it provides the user with an unparalleled experience to either build their own business plan, and / or fill out the application form to obtain finance.

What does AIRIS do 

AIRIS interacts with users by:

  • Providing them with easy to answer questions
  • depending on the user’s answers, AIRIS, would choose the next questions
  •  Providing advice and examples of how to answer these questions to help the users build their own Business plan
  • It has the ability to Fitch data from the internet, by it self, and provide the user with critical data about similar projects
  • It allows the user at the end of the session to either save the form and fill it later, or save and submit it to CGH
  •  Provide CGH with a fully automated solution, to help rank and filter the submitted projects, based on in house developed algorithms that follow the eligibility criteria used within CGH
  • It also identifies the risk factors by bench marking them against data that AIRIS gathers from online sources, allowing CGH analysts to respond to customers within a very short period of time
  • In phase 2,  AIRIS would  recommend other sources of finance to the customer, fully automated, by connecting the customer directly with a source of finance, such as, Banks, Funds, VCs and Angel Investors, within the customer’s country or location

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